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Daily Text 2016

Books & Reference

This app helps you to read the daily text from "Examining the Scriptures" offline.Features:  - All languages supported where "Examining the Scriptures" is available as epub (2016 over 150 languages, 2017 over 100 languages)  - App languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Czech  - Read the daily text in as many languages as you want  - Inclusion of cited sources (offline)  - Easy switching through the downloaded languges  - Resizable, scrollable homescreen widget with the daily text and many options like transparent background  - Daily popup dialog with the daily text and "read later" option  - Daily notification with the daily text (with comment since Android 4.1)  - Text to Speech support (quality and availability depend on your tts engine)  - Alarm clock (beta so please use a backup)  - Favorites  - Mark as read (optionally automatically)  - Add notes  - Easy redirection on the WOL to the current daily text (if it is available there)  - Many options for an individual design  - Share function  - Nightmode  - Yeartext  - Memorial biblereading
If a download doesn't work or a language isn't in the list but available as epub, please notify me. Thanks:)
FAQs:How to- hide widget buttons:   set their size to 0
- set transparent background for widget:   When you set the background color you can press the lower right button and set the alpha value to 0 with the right slider.
- only show the scripture in the widget   disable the comment and the date
- resize the widget
- set a custom font   download a .ttf file and save it at the local storage (e.g. from   choose "custom font" in the font settings   click "Choose a .ttf File"   go to the .ttf File and click on it   if everything went right you have a custom font now   the app copied the file so you can delete it now   (unfortunatly it isn't set for the widget and the notification due to Android)
What shall I do if- the scripture and the comment don't match   Try to update your language pack.
Special thanks to:  Jehovah (Creator of everything)  Cliford Roberto Simeon (Translator)   Никита Привалов (Translator)  JZ (Translator)  Daniele Abbatecola (Translator)  K. McCabe (Technical advice)
Purpose of permissions:  - File access: Import of custom font, Export of tts  - Network access: Download of languages  - Run on boot: Ensure that the dialog and the notification come every morning  - Wake Lock: Alarm clock   - Vibration: Alarm clock   - In-app billing: Donations
This app uses content from the website (the booklet "Examining the Scriptures"). All rights for this content belong to the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.The app isn't an official app of Jehovah's Witnesses!